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Gun Laws – Unequal Execution

If you want to buy a new gun from a dealer in the USA, you have to fill out a Form 4473 and answer all questions truthfully.  Here’s Form 4473 in .pdf format.

One of the questions is whether or not you’ve been convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence.  You don’t get the gun you want if you answer yes o that one.  It’s considered a reason to deny you the right to own a gun.

Unless you’re a government agent.

Robert Farago reports on The Truth About Guns:

To wit: a member of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia recently sent us a link to some declassified FBI discipline rulings from the Agency’s Office of Personal Responsibility. Our reader remarked, “this stuff makes for interesting reading.” Yes. Yes it does. Specifically . . .

1. Domestic Violence: During argument with spouse, Employee broke spouses e-reader in half and pointed unloaded gun at dog’s head while dog was sitting in spouse’s lap. In mitigation, Eniployee [sic] had been struggling with spouses mental health issues and fol!owing [sic] this incident, entered marriage counseling. In aggravation, Employee introduced a firearm into a domestic dispute, an extraordinarily serious escalation.

PENALTY: 45-Day Suspension
OFFENSE: Assault/Battery, Offense Code 4.1

“A regular Joe would have received a conviction or plea bargain involving domestic violence and that would have been his/her right to own guns gone right there,” the TTAG commentator opined.

What happened to equal protection under the law?


2 comments to Gun Laws – Unequal Execution

  • Kath

    It was always my understanding that any law enforcement officer who carries a gun would be commiting the worst of all offenses to display that weapon in any situation not pertaining to their job.

    And they received a 45 day suspension? And that was it? Male or female, that’s not enough. In my opinion, they should be fired. That is NOT proper FBI behavior.

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