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And — I’m Back!!

Ever heard the phrase “publish or perish”?  The “blog administrator” has mentioned on more than one occasion that I better post something or I stand a chance of being fired, laid off, let go, pink-slipped!!!  Shocking!  I know, right?

So, my friends, I’ll do what I do best, or at least most often — complain.

Some moron who had a need to steal and a screwdriver in his hand (or her hand, because one wants to be fair) decided they could better use the center cap off my wheel. Butt-head, idiot, moron, POS.

Yes, I’m out $58 to replace it. Yes, I said $58. And, yes, I was highly annoyed.  WP_000521


2 comments to And — I’m Back!!

  • I never said you were gonna get pink slipped!
    That said, I think we need more cats :wink: And whoever stole that hubcap deserves to have a thousand cats leave “presents” & hack up hair balls in their car!

  • Kath

    The fact that little round center cap cost that much — I was not ready for that.

    And I looked all over the internet and could only find the smaller ones. Finally had to go to auto repair shop and they got it for me.

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