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New York Alderman Goes Full Idiot

A Second Amendment activist named Joanna emailed New York Alderman Dave Marston to advise him that she would be at a public meeting and to express her views about civilian disarmament.  Marston’s reply was shared at Mental Recession, but I’ve decided to post it here as well for my readers’ convenience:

Dear Joanna Johnson-Smith,

Its really neat that all you gun toting tea party psychotards are so interested in the goings on of our little City, even though I find it amazing that you don’t have any other pressing issues before you in New Lebanon. On the other hand, I guess its not surprising, considering you ideologues aren’t interested in actual policy, but rather grandstanding on mythical narratives of victimization.

Two things: The only spit here is the white stuff frothing on the ends of that rotten little mouth of yours from which you spew this hateful ignorant trash. And a donkeys behind? The rabid ignorance of the fringe is best illustrated by its sad metaphors, I mean seriously, thank you for the laughs.

By all means, come on down, we’ll be happy to beat you barbarians back with the clubs of reason & responsibility, radical lunatics that you are. And say, a quick ProTip, since you’re the “organizer” for unemployed guns nuts USA. Next time you think these unhinged rants will change the mind of anyone who has even a modicum of intelligence, you might instead just go back down into your basement & watch another episode of wheel-of-fortune. It’ll certainly be just as effective. Remember: there are millions of Eagle Scout God Worshiping Patriots who find you & your radical ilk as disgraceful to American Democracy as the Brown Shirt jackboots you act like. I happen to be just one of them. Good Luck.

Best Regards,

David Marston

Who was it who wanted to be more civil?

Via Weasel Zippers


2 comments to New York Alderman Goes Full Idiot

  • Kath

    Holy mud!!

    One wonders if that was written in the spirit of “here’s what I would REALLY like to say” — and was supposed to have been then deleted and a more modest response sent.

    If that’s the case, major oops.

    I certainly hope that Mr. Marston does not address his constituents in this nasty tone all the time — at least safe to say he probably didn’t BEFORE the election, anyway.

    • The sad part is that it’s New York and I have a feeling he’d probably get re-elected as long as he didn’t claim George W. Bush as his Lord and Savior while extolling the virtues of an NRA membership.

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