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Picture A Day – 27 March 2009

27 March 2009 - Der Weinerschnitzel!

27 March 2009 - Der Weinerschnitzel!

Loyal reader and commenter Kath recently asked for a picture of Der Weinerschnitzel as she’d never seen or heard of this particular fast food joint. Here at Parrothead Jeff we do what we can for our loyal readers, especially those who take the time to comment and email :)

If you look behind Big-O tires you can see the front of Der Weinerschnitzel. Their logo also adorns the huge sign in the upper right corner of the picture :wink:

27 March 2009 - Der Weinerschnitzel!

27 March 2009 - Der Weinerschnitzel!

Here’s a much closer view of Der Weinerschnitzel 8) The menu is mostly hot dogs and corn dogs, but also includes burgers, a decent $.99 chicken sandwich and an item called the Alaskan Sea Dog which is a long, hot dog shaped fish fillet on a hot dog bun with lettuce and tarter sauce. As there are no stand alone Tastee-Freezes in Vegas, Der Weinerschnitzel is the lone vendor in the area of their fine frozen fare 8)

27 March 2009 - Der Weinerschnitzel!

27 March 2009 - Der Weinerschnitzel!

There’s plenty of banners around the place with the latest specials. In my current condition I can use all the $.99 specials I can get :D I still don’t understand the no trespassing sign :?

So there you have it – Der Weinerschnitzel by special request for Kath :mrgreen:

P.S. – Don’t forget to click on a picture to see it full size :wink:


4 comments to Picture A Day – 27 March 2009

  • Glenn Cassel AMH1(AW) USN RET

    I was in Oceanside/San Diego in June of ’07 for my niece’s wedding. After all the festivities, the Missus and I took a spin to El Cajon to see her old haunts and then to San Dog itself.. We went over to where there used to be NTC San Diego. Where yours truly went to Recruit Training in 1973. The only thing left on Rosecrans that was there in ’73 left was Der Weinerschnitzel. NTC is now almost million dollar townhomes. And the only time I ever ate at one was on my boot liberty. But it is a SoCal tradition as it In and Out Burger. Thank God some things are left alone.

  • Kath

    Thank you, sir, you have made my day! It looks like a cute place to grab a bite. And the menu sounds good! Obviously it is almost noon here and I am HUNGRY! Definitely a place I would go.

    Thank you!

  • Dave


    From one gun owner to another I thought the below link might provide some great listening, it’s a little long, about 9 minutes, but you’ve got to hand it to her, she makes a very compelling argument!!! I also love the fact that she pisses off our so called elected officials!


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