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Cops Across America Agree – You’re On Your Own!

I don’t know how many times I’ve told people this same thing, but it’s a bunch and it never really seems to sink in. When you call the cops, you’re on your own until they get there. And when you need a cop in seconds, they’re usually only a minute or two away.


2 comments to Cops Across America Agree – You’re On Your Own!

  • Kath

    Unless you have a cop parked in your driveway, then, YES, YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN. Duh.

    But if you want to, then get a gun — as long as you are prepared to use that gun against an intruder. If you’re not, then don’t have one in your house, call 911 and wait for the cops.

    But this must be your CHOICE, whether to get a gun or not. Don’t let that choice be taken away by we-know-what’s-best-for-you politicians.

    Protect yourself — use your vote!

  • And THAT”S why I live in Wisconsin! Oh and the cheese.

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