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9 March 2013 – Snow on the Bike

9 March 2013 - Snow on the bike

9 March 2013 – Snow on the bike

So, I wasn’t aware of the forecast calling for snow yesterday morning.  I walked outside and found my bike frozen.  Now, I don’t mind my bike getting wet, frozen, baked, wind/sand blasted, etc.  I just want to actually be riding it when it happens :wink:  I normally pull the bike under our deck if I know we’re going to have bad weather.

I pulled it back under the deck and brushed the snow off it to the best of my ability and all was well.  Actually, things got quite a bit better in the afternoon when the air warmed up, the snow pretty much all melted, and I got to take my motorcycle to WalMart to do a bit of grocery shopping :cool:

Stay warm, stay safe, and have fun, everyone :mrgreen:


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