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Picture A Day – 28 March 2009

28 March 2008 - Future acquisitions

28 March 2008 - Future acquisitions

So I was over at Wally World yesterday to pick up something to hang a picture or two from and decided to head on down to sporting goods. What I found surprised me greatly. Mossberg 500 shotguns are only $207 there when they’re over $300 most other places. My collection is missing a shotgun at this time and knowing how much fun shooting clay targets can be combined with the knowledge that a new shooting park is opening soon with great facilities for such endeavours, I think I’m going to have to fill that missing slot with a new shotgun sooner rather than later. No, I won’t be able to do it in April or May, but maybe in June…

The Mossbergs in question are in the green square. The green square is where you’ll find the Marlin Model 60s. Yes, I already have one of these, but I think I might just want to pick up another one so I’m not always using Grandpa’s gun when the weather ain’t so nice and whatnot. At $147 it’s a no brainer. That’s $53 less than I paid for my Heritage revolver!

28 March 2009 - PROGRESS!!!

28 March 2009 - PROGRESS!!!

One other event worth noting yesterday was the removal of the last bit of stuff from the old place from my car. Progress! Now I have room for one or two friends and a whole bunch of guns to go play with out in the desert 8)

I also got the aquarium cleaned out and set up as far as I could last night which means that the under tank heater is in place and working, the bedding is in, and the two improvised hides for my new snake are in place as well. Dessert shopping at Costco came in handy as the desserts in question came packaged in said coconut half shells. No, they won’t work forever, but they’ll allow me to spread my spending out a bit more over time :) I’ll post pics of the setup after I’ve got Ziva (named after Ziva David on NCIS) the corn snake settled in :wink:


2 comments to Picture A Day – 28 March 2009

  • Kath

    Yeah — ick, ick, ick — but I think I heard you laughing today.

    Upstairs getting ready to go out to run some errands and I hear the one cat kind of making noises and I’m ignoring her, bec. she’s not going to stay out while I’m gone.

    So, few minutes later I get downstairs and as I look down the hallway I see the rug from the back door is all pulled away and the other longer rug (from sink to dishwasher) is also all pulled around. This is a bit much, even for them.

    Walking down the hallway I now see her and she’s sitting on the longer rug and she has a snake. (Stop laughing!!!)

    At first I thought she had done a little spit-up or something right there — until it moved and then she wanted to play with it some more. Little olive green slimy twisty winding thing. YUK!

    I’m yelling at the cats, trying to reach over to get the phone off the counter to call my neighbor, who wasn’t home, so I called my other neighbor.

    Get the back door open and sliding the rug towards the back door, yelling at the cats, screaming at the snake — you couldn’t hear me???

    And just as I get the blessed rug slid over to the now open door, the damn thing slithers off the rug and behind the door. Oh. My. God. (Stop laughing!)

    Now my neighbor shows up (laughing) and the snake slithers out — all twisty and winding — out the corner of door and down between the bricks on the patio. My neighbor is saying, Where? Where? I don’t see anything. Are you sure? Are you sure?

    Geez-o!! So I know he went out, don’t know where — the fun of living so close to the woods.
    So there’s some entertainment for you today. God, I hate snakes. This was all your fault.

    • Kath,

      I’d love to stop laughing, but I just can’t! This is as good as Robin Williams :P

      Don’t forget – I love cats too. If the rest of my family who might come to visit weren’t allergic and I didn’t have to put up a $250 deposit, I might have gotten one myself. I’m glad you got the snake out of the house and neither it nor the cats were hurt :)

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