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19 March 2013 – Scooter Update #1 – IT’S ALIVE!!!

So, I’m going to re-cap everything up until this point.  I went and purchased a 2007 Roketa 150cc scooter this past Sunday.  The previous owner said it needed a mirror, a battery, and some TLC.  I figured I really couldn’t go wrong with a purchase price of $25 :)

I had to borrow a minivan to get it home and while it wasn’t the easiest thing in the world, I managed to get it from up near Salt Lake City back down to my house and out of the minivan with a little help from my friends.  I’d tried to start it up using jumper cables from the scooter battery cables to my motorcycle.  The turn signals worked and it cranked, but the headlights would not light up and it would crank, but it just wouldn’t start.

18 March 2013 - Only 2023 miles!!!

18 March 2013 – Only 2023 miles!!!

Fast forward to Monday.  I took a pic of the odometer so I’d know what the mileage was when I got down to the DMV.  I figured I’d turn in the old license plate (it was last registered in 2009) and get the title into my name.  I left the DMV about 10 minutes and $7.60 later with a receipt and a promise that my title would show up in the mail within about a week.  They said registration will be about $95 which is about twice what I’d expected, but it’s not like I have to do that immediately so we’re OK.

18 March 2013 - Yeah, just read the words in the pic

18 March 2013 – Yeah, just read the words in the pic

I got home from the DMV and had a few minutes, so I figured I’d take a couple things apart and see if I might be able to do just a little bit of work.  I found the red  wire in the pic above just dangling in space.  There’s also a green wire just above where it’s connected in the pic that’s also dangling freely.  I tried connecting the green wire to the round thing and cranking the motor with jumper cables connected to my car, but it still only cranked and wouldn’t start.  I disconnected the green wire, connected the red wire, and hit the starter again…


Yes, it cranked, started, and ran immediately :thumb:

18 March 2013 - Yeah, just read the words in the pic

18 March 2013 – Yeah, just read the words in the pic

Having the engine start and run with the headlights shining brightly was a big relief :wink:

That said, there’s still so much to be done.  The brake light is on all the time – it doesn’t go dim when the brake is released – and I should have to apply the brake to crank the electric starter but I don’t.  The scoot still needs a valve check/adjustment, engine oil change, final drive oil change, new vacuum lines, new fuel lines, new fuel filter, new mirror, and a new lock or something to secure the front glove box (more on that later).

I’m really looking forward to taking this scoot out for a ride :thumb:

Have a great day and stay tuned for more updates :mrgreen:


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