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24 March 2013 – Scooter (And Me) Update #6 – Almost There…

And we’re back :D  I was about 50% better from my illness on Friday, 75% Saturday, and I’m about 95% back to normal today.  And yep, I managed to get even more stuff done on the scooter today :)

The first things I managed to get done today were the engine and final drive oil changes.  Sorry, I don’t have any pics of that as my hands were really disgustingly filthy.  That said, I did find a really good video on YouTube which explains and shows exactly how and what do do – just click here :wink:

There was plenty of oil in the engine and it didn’t look too bad.  Between that, the newer U.S. made vacuum lines, and the good tires, it looks like someone really actually tried to take care of this machine.  The dry rotting valve stems, questionable electrical maintenance, and the stuff that came out of the final drive when I pulled the oil drain plug there (the “gear oil” that came out was pretty disgusting and there wasn’t much of it) makes me think they didn’t really quite know what they were doing.  Thanks to some good internet reference sites, I’m pretty sure I have a good idea of what I’m doing though :)

24 March 2013 - Important markings on the drive belt

24 March 2013 – Important markings on the drive belt

Once I was done with changing all that oil, I decided to take the cover off of the drive train.  There’s a clutch, a variator, the kick start system, and the drive belt hidden in there.  Aside from wanting to do a quick visual check of the clutch and variator, I also wanted to check the condition of the drive belt and get the numbers off it in case I need to order another one in the future.  The belt looks to be in good condition and should only be about $20 to replace when the time comes.

By the way, see that silver metal shaft sticking out in that last pic?  That’s the kick start shaft.  We’ll get back to that later…

24 March 2013 - Drivetrain including the clutch, variator, and drive belt with the cover off

24 March 2013 – Drivetrain including the clutch, variator, and drive belt with the cover off

So, here’s where the power gets transmitted from the engine to the rear wheel.  You’re looking at a CVT which stands for Continuously Variable Transmission.

The round thing on the left is the variator, the round thing on the right is the clutch, and you can see the belt that connects the two.  The engine crankshaft is directly connected to the variator which turns the belt.  That belt turns the clutch, but it’s a centrifugal clutch which only engages past a certain speed which is why the bike can idle while stopped with the rear wheel down.

It’s difficult and takes quite a bit of space to explain just how this all works together, but you can click here for a short video that explains everything better and quicker than I can :)

Can you see where that kick start would’ve been in the middle of everything?  We’ll get back to that in just a bit…

24 March 2013 - I think I might just need some better tools

24 March 2013 – I think I might just need some better tools

Well, this is a first!  I know I buy cheap tools and sometimes a ratchet mechanism will break or a screw driver will get tweaked.  They’re cheap, I don’t use them all that often, and it’s no big deal to replace something.

This was the first time I’ve ever had a socket flat out break on me like this.  And this happened while I was trying to break a fastener loose  :wtf2:  At least it broke at a non-critical time.  I just need to make sure to get a replacement before I have to use an 8mm like this one to pull the valve cover so I can check and adjust the valve clearances sometime this week.

24 March 2013 - I'm gonna need a new kickstart

24 March 2013 – I’m gonna need a new kickstart

Last, but not least, we have that kick starter I talked about earlier.  It turns out the teeth are supposed to be welded/filled like you see.  The problem in this pic is the bushing on the left end of the shaft.  See how it’s all cracked and broken into pieces?  I wondered why it felt like there was extra play in the system and why the shaft felt too loose when I pulled the cover off the drive train.  I couldn’t actually get it to fit back in where it was supposed to go (it kept falling out), so I left it off for the time being.  It’s a $20 part new, so I’ll probably swap it out before too long.

All that’s left now is to check and adjust the valves, replace the spark plug, replace the mirrors, get insurance, and get this machine registered :)  It’s almost done  :riding:

It’s time for me to go get some rest, but I promise I’ll have another update soon :cool:  Have a great night, everyone :mrgreen:


2 comments to 24 March 2013 – Scooter (And Me) Update #6 – Almost There…

  • Kath

    Thank goodness you speak plainly for people like me who really have no clue about any engine, other than it runs somehow. (As long as someone takes care of it, just not me.)

    But just to show you I do — I really do — read all of this, what is a variator? Never heard that one before. You said the belt connects it to the clutch, sooooo — I don’t get it.

    • Thanks, Kath :)

      The engine turns the variator which is connected to the clutch by the belt. The variator is a variable diameter pully.

      According to wikipedia, “A variator is a device that can change its parameters, or can change parameters of other devices. Often a variator is a mechanical power transmission device that can change its gear ratio continuously (rather than in steps).”

      The clutch at the back does about the same thing. Check out the videos I linked to and you can see it all in action :wink:

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