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26 March 2013 – Scooter Update #7 – IT’S ROAD LEGAL!!!

26 March 2013 - It's road legal!!!

26 March 2013 – It’s road legal!!!

I promise I’ll have more information soon, but I just had to post this now :wink:

Yes, I have a pair of new mirrors on order.  Yes, I still intend to change out the crazy fuzes on the battery leads, and yes, I still intend to do a valve check and adjustment.  It’ll get done evenutally…

I went down to the DMV today to get a temporary registration so that I could get the scooter to the inspection station.  They said I didn’t need an inspection this year for the year my scooter was made and I was able to just go ahead and register the scooter!

It turns out you only need a left side mirror (the one that’s still on my scoot), so I think I’ll see if I can get it together enough during lunch to ride it on my way back to work :cool:

Wish me luck :thumb:


2 comments to 26 March 2013 – Scooter Update #7 – IT’S ROAD LEGAL!!!

  • Kath

    Just the right time of year to get it all ready to go, too. :) How nice you don’t have to pay for an inspection or a temp. registration, too.

    How big is the gas tank, I forgot to ask before. I mean, NOT that you’re going to have to fill it up very often, bec. I have to believe gas mileage will be decent. ;)

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