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Yard Stuff and Wind

I built some box planters this past weekend. The materials are 7&5/8″ by 6′ fence planks, 2 by 2s and wood screws.

The Frog is back out from the back yard.

Yesterday was rough with the wind and blowing sand/dust. The 14 Freeway was closed from just south of Rosamond at Avenue A to Avenue D. There was a multi car pile up as a result. The parallel Sierra Highway was also closed in that same limit along with other roads in that vicinity. There was snow falling up the hill in Tehachapi

100_6448 100_6450 100_6451 100_6452 100_6453 Planter 100_6454 100_6455 100_6456 100_6457 100_6458 100_6459 100_6460 100_6461 100_6469

The Desert. Awesome place. :beer:


3 comments to Yard Stuff and Wind

  • Kath

    Guess it has to be really bad for them to actually close the roads. Wow. Got to your cowboy bandana out and cover your face. I’ll keep the green of the East Coast, thank you.

    I like the colorful frog!

  • ORPO

    Kath, glad you enjoyed the pics! The Desert is like that at times. Today, on arrival at work, it was dead calm for a couple of hours.
    It was blowing to almost 70 mph in some areas of the AV.

  • Ah, the wonderful Mojave :D I’m still technically in the desert, but not quite like yours :wink: Love the garden and the colorful frog :thumb:

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