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Picture A Day – 31 March 2009

31 March 2009 - Ziva in her new home

31 March 2009 - Ziva in her new home

Ziva came home today :mrgreen: I made sure to watch her eat to make sure there were no problems with her eating and she had no problems with that at all :) I paid the balance for her and also picked up a water dish, branch for her to climb on, a screen top for the cage, cage clips, and hand sanitizer for before and after handling her. When I put her into her new enclosure, I just set the container down, took off the lid, and let her get out on her own.

31 March 2009 - The last I saw of Ziva today

31 March 2009 - The last I saw of Ziva today

She took a lap around her new home and then proceeded to disappear into the hide on the warm side of the cage – the one that’s right about 85 degrees. Yep, she’ll need that extra warmth to help digest dinner. I know I need to wait about 48 hours before I handle her to let her finish with today’s meal and to de-stress. I figure I’ll be able to pick her up and handle her some more on Thursday evening. In the mean time, I figure I’ll keep an eye on the temperatures and put the lights on a timer.

Feeding days will probably be Mondays so I’ll be able to play with her on weekends :)

One other great thing – she didn’t poop on me today 8)


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