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Ember’s Latest Professional Pics

So, Cindy decided that we needed some new professional pics of Ember :)  Now, I can take pics all day long and I have a decent camera and all, but I’m not going to get results like a pro.  I don’t have the lighting, walls, props, and experience working with kids that the pros do.  Give me an airshow and I’ll be all over the flight line.  Give me my daughter and I’ll get a few good ones, but not this many good ones in an hour or so :wink:

We took Ember up to Camera Shy in Lehi, UT and got a pretty good deal.  All the pics you see here were given to us on a CD along with the copyright to the images and all for the low price of under $100 :cool:

Now, I don’t usually use the gallery format for a few good reasons, but I did this time because it saves a tremendous amount of time and space.  If you click on one of the small pics below, you’ll go to the attachment page where you’ll see the whole picture, but it’s still going to be fairly small.  Click on the small picture on the attachment page and you’ll get the big version of the pic :)

Big thanks go out to Cindy for coming up with this idea, for following through, and for paying for the pictures :D  She gets all the credit here – I’m just the one with the blog who can post them online :wink:  Anyway, here’s the pics and we hope you enjoy them :thumb:

I think she’s incredibly cute and adorable, but then again I am a little biased :wink:


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