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I’m Hosed

Yep, it looks like I may very well be hosed. Screwed. Done.

The trouble is money. Again.

I ended the last pay period with about $100 in the bank. I just got paid and it’s only about $1,100. Rent and utilities is about $800. I haven’t paid insurance yet – that’s $130. That means I’m down to about $170 right off the bat.

$170 ain’t much, but then consider that I’ve got to come up with $300 to $400 for car registration by the end of the month…

I may just have to see about selling a rifle right when I really don’t want to.


7 comments to I’m Hosed

  • Kath

    Car registration? Or do you mean car insurance?

    Hey, that’s why I work weekends and as much as I can right now. Few extra bucks makes a big difference. And it’s house ins. and car ins. that irks me the most.

    Oh, and don’t forget the fee for the emmissions (sp?) test. I just got my notice for that. They need to check the old cars, not the new ones. It’s a pain in the ass to go do that.

  • Kath

    I totally don’t understand. Your car has to be registered with the State? And that’s a MONTH? Every month?

    Move. Move right now. Leave. That’s insane. Nevada has all that gambling money, they don’t need that from you.

  • Kath

    Whew, ok. It’s still too much, mine is only around 200 and that’s for 2 years. License. But then you have the emiss. test every other year, too. The whole thing is a rip.

    And this wonderful, charming, probably really handsome brother with the $$$ — uh, is he availble? ;)

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