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Ready to Defend – UPDATE

Can you guess what I did when I got home yesterday? That’s OK – I’m a bit unpredictable so I wouldn’t expect people to be able to guess this one.

The first thing I did when I got in my apartment yesterday was to grab my AK-47, make sure the magazine is full, chamber a round, set the safety to on, and top off the magazine again to make sure I have a full 30 rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber. The bayonet’s fixed, too.

After the AK-47 was confirmed ready, I made sure my 9mm and .22 Magnum pistols are all set to go. They were and are.

Now that the primary weapons have been confirmed ready, I made sure that ammo for each of my military bolt guns is next to its corresponding rifle – in stripper clips and chargers for quick loading. I just realized something – I need to fix bayonets on those rifles when I get home.

So why am I bringing the Parrothead Jeff arms collection to such a heightened state of readiness? Well, I noticed a little slip of folded paper in the edge of my door when I got home. Normally these little papers announce an apartment complex picnic or something. This one was different. This notice was left to inform me that there was a home invasion at about 1030 hours yesterday morning in one of our apartments. The tenant was injured. Police have been notified. No further details.

My apartment complex is really very nice and very quiet. I like it. This just goes to show that bad stuff can happen anywhere.

I figure it’s much better to be ready to defend myself than to become a victim. I pray that nothing happens and if it does that I don’t have to fire. I hope that the sight of an armed resident who is ready to defend himself is enough to make the person turn and leave. If that fails, I am ready to defend myself.


I just went to the apartment office on my lunch and found out more. It appears that the offender was a younger hispanic male who went straight to the 18 year old daughter’s bedroom so they think he knew her. I’m still not taking chances – what if some bad guy goes to the wrong apartment???


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