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Home Decor I Wish I Could Afford

Now those are cool!

Now those are cool!

I found these at Sporty’s Pilot Shop today. I get their email updates with new products and while I’ve seen these before it still reminded me of how much I’d love to have one or two of ’em :)

With Light in the Spinner
Enjoy functional aviation any place in your home with our Warbird Ceiling Fans. Choose from the 52” four bladed P-51 Mustang Glamorous Glen, 42” two bladed F4U Corsair, 48” three bladed P-40 Tiger Shark and 42” two bladed Sopwith Camel. Integrated light kit included uses one 60 watt candelabra bulb (not included). Fan features a quiet yet powerful, reversible high-output motor with low, medium and high speed control. Each propeller blade has been precisely balanced. So well made they have a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Ordering Instructions
1. please specify aircraft

Price: $249.00

I think I’ll have to pass at this time, though. That $249 price tag is more expensive than all but one of my rifles :shock:


3 comments to Home Decor I Wish I Could Afford

  • Sifrona Cotton

    Well, when I saw the pic, I thought it would be a good addition to Kevin’s (my 11 yr old) room at Mom & Dad’s house. Seeing as he has a plastic model of a P-51 hanging from his ceiling…the kind with about a 2ft wingspan you buy at a toy store and stick the wings in the side. But then, I scrolled down and saw that number behind the “$” sign…I think I’ll save that idea for when that price tag is a drop in the bucket…like when I win the lottery.

  • I think both of you are right :D

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