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At Least One Post Per Day

As I have mentioned in previous posts, life has not been very easy or relaxing of late. Loved ones are going through much worse times than I am and while I’m doing my best to keep my spirits up, there are times I can only describe as uninspired. That said, I have a personal goal of at least posting one item per day. Writing here on Parrothead Jeff has helped quite a bit, but the comments I have received have helped even more :) . Thanks everyone :D !

Now that that’s all out of the way, here’s some gratutious Tomcat pictures for those of you who miss the beast as much as I do 8) .

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Atlantic Ocean (July 28, 2006) – An F-14D Tomcat, aircraft number 100, assigned to the “Tomcatters” of Fighter Squadron Three One (VF-31) makes a near supersonic fly-by above the flight deck of USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71). The F-14 will officially retire in September 2006, after 32 years of service to the fleet. Theodore Roosevelt is completing Joint Task Force Exercises with USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69). U.S. Navy Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Nathan Laird (RELEASED)

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060619-N-0490C-006 Atlantic Ocean (June 19, 2006) – An F-14D Tomcat assigned to the “Tomcatters” of Fighter Squadron Three One (VF-31), performs a fly by past the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69). For the past 30 years, the F-14 Tomcat has assured U.S. air superiority, playing a key role in ensuring victory and preserving peace around the world. The F-14 Tomcat will be removed from service and officially stricken from the inventory in September 2006. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Miguel A. Contreras (RELEASED)

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060106-N-7241L-004 Persian Gulf (Jan. 6, 2006) – An F-14D Tomcat prepares for an arrested landing aboard the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) as the guided- missile cruiser USS San Jacinto (CG 56) conduct plane guard duties. Roosevelt and embarked Carrier Air Wing Eight (CVW-8) are underway on a regularly scheduled deployment conducting maritime security operations. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate Airman Apprentice Nathan Laird (RELEASED)


3 comments to At Least One Post Per Day

  • Sifrona Cotton

    If they’re removing them from service and striking them from the inventory…it’s time for me to hit it big in the lottery. Better a US Citizen own one, than some other country, right? Now….if I ONLY knew how to fly one. Shall I learn by trial and error? Heck, if nothing else, I’ll just climb in the cockpit, hug the seat, and sleep in it every night…just so I can be happy that I have my favorite jet in the world.

  • Not only to I miss the bird….I miss the ship….I’m a plankowner of TR……nice post…

  • Pete,

    Thanks for the kind words – they are truly appreciated :D ! Keep up the great work you’re doing on your blog as well!

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