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More “Nanny State” Unconstitutional Bravo Sierra

From Reuters and Fox News:

WASHINGTON — U.S. schools with vending machines that sell candy and soda to students could soon find the government requiring healthier options to combat childhood obesity under a bill introduced on Thursday by two senators.

Am I the only one wondering how these Senators came up with the idea that it’s OK for the federal government to do this??? I mean really, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot :x

Keep this sort of thing up and we won’t even have states.


2 comments to More “Nanny State” Unconstitutional Bravo Sierra

  • Kath

    Weren’t the powers that be going to get rid of sodas in school once upon a time before? And then they found out how much money they make off vending machines and having Coke and Pepsi in the schools, so kinda seemed to go by the wayside.

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