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Sotameyer – Words Matter

I’ve been keeping an eye on Obama’s choice for the United States Supreme Court, but haven’t said anything. I’ve just sat back and watched, trying to figure out what’s what here.

After much observation I’ve come to the conclusion that Sotomayor is not the right person for this job.

Here’s one of the things that lead me to that conclusion:

From Fox News

The comment came in a lecture, titled “A Latina Judge’s Voice,” that Sotomayor gave in 2001 at the law school of the University of California, Berkeley.

She said: “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.” That came in the context of her saying that “our gender and national origins may and will make a difference in our judging.”

Since Tuesday, when President Barack Obama announced Sotomayor’s nomination, the White House had answered questions about Sotomayor’s comment by telling reporters to read the speech and not dwell on one sentence.

That changed on Friday, when Gibbs was asked about it again. The White House clearly had a new message.

“I’ve not talked specifically with her about this, but I think she’d say that her word choice in 2001 was poor,” Gibbs said at the end of his daily briefing.

The other thing that this has cemented in my mind is that the Obama administration either really doesn’t get it or doesn’t care. You see, when it comes to Supreme Court justices, the words are all that matter. Remember Bill Clinton and “that depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is” – anyone?

This isn’t just law we’re dealing with, but interpreting the Constitution and communicating precisely what is meant. Poor word choices can have adverse consequences on a national scale.

This is by far not the only reason I don’t support Sotomayor for the slot on the Supreme Court, but it’s a big one.


6 comments to Sotameyer – Words Matter

  • Kath

    So easy to say something that later is perhaps misconstrued or somehow takes on a different meaning. I can understand that.

    And people in the public eye can easily be caught unaware and say something they may later regret. I can understand that, too.

    But that is not what happened when she said that. She was giving a speech, she was speaking of her background and being a Judge.
    Well, if she gets on the Supreme Court, isn’t that what she would do every day? But is that what we want from a Judge at the highest level? Don’t we want instead someone who truly can rule on the law — and not from a Latino woman’s perspective, but from a Judge’s perspective?

    • Ever think of starting your own blog, Kath :wink: I think you write better than I do!

      I wrote this at work while I was on break and didn’t quite make the point I wanted to. Thanks for finishing my thought!

  • Kath

    Funny you should say that. I couldn’t write a blog, bec. it would be a COMPLETE rant about getting your feelings hurt — perhaps it was unintentional — when you commented on another blog only to discover you wandered into a group that A, doesn’t encourage comments and B, no emails at all, and C, basically told me to go away.

    As in ” Why don’t you take that energy you put into comments and go write your own blog?”

    So I thought that was pretty clear. Guess I didn’t see any INSTRUCTIONS (!!!) when I was reading their posts.

    Sorry for the rant, it just pissed me off and hurt my feelings all at the same time.

    • Nothing but a complete rant? That seems to be what sells today :P

      Seriously, I know how you feel about that other blog and it’s their fault for not posting it in the guidelines or anything. Something like “READ THIS BEFORE YOU COMMENT YOU INSIGNIFICANT PEON!!!” would have sufficed I suspect.

      Seriously, I think you have some pretty good brain cells up top and would make a great blogger!

      No matter what – if you decide to blog or not – I’ll be very happy and proud to have you as a commenter on my blog(s) 8) Thanks for sticking around :mrgreen:

  • Kath

    Thanks, I’ll just comment all over Pinch and The Wood Shed and yours.

    All the writing I do I put into leters. I’m a Soldier’s Angel and I’m on the letter-writing team, writing letters to soldiers who don’t get a lot of mail — some don’t get ANY mail, except from me!! :)

    • In that case, I can completely understand not running a blog – this thing’s worse for eating time than a part time job :lol:

      It really is great to have you around here :D Just let me know if you ever want to write a piece as a guest blogger and I’ll set it up, OK :wink: ?

      PS – Keep up the good work with Soldiers’ Angels!!!

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