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Selling the C9???

Are you sitting down?

Yes, it’s true.  I’m really thinking about selling the C9 :shock:

I figure I could get about $100 from the sale of my Hi-Point C9 which would speed the purchase of the PF-9.

I really did consider selling one or more of the military surplus bolt action rifles, but a conversation with Cindy caused second thoughts about that idea.  She reminded me that I’d bought my old military rifles because aside from being cool guns, they’re tangible pieces of history.  And they won’t always be on the market.

Looking at the prices, they’re also some pretty good investments which means I’d probably have trouble affording to re-buy the same type of gun in the future.  A good example would be my K-31 which I bought for $199 about this time last year.  They’re now going for $299 to $350.  Heck, I only paid $450 for my AK-47 last year.  It’s now about $800.  Those aren’t going anywhere.

Selling the C9 isn’t a decision I’m considering lightly.  As I’ve mentioned before, it may be heavy, it may be big, but it’s accurate and the warranty can’t be beat.  If someone accidentally ran it over with a tank and destroyed it (yes, that’s unlikely), I’d just have to send what was left of it back to Hi-Point and they’d send me a new gun.

That said, Kel-Tec does have a lifetime warranty for the original owner.  The original owner part doesn’t bother me – I’ll be buying it brand new.

I’m not really worried about downgrading “firepower” for home defense with the PF-9 vs. the C9.  Yes, the C9 holds 8+1 or 10+1 rounds depending the magazine when compared to the Kel-Tec’s 7+1 rounds, but it’s still good with 7+1 and swapping magazines shouldn’t be all that tough.

One other consideration I’m thinking of is redundancy.  Do I really need two 9mm pistols?  I don’t think so.  One should be enough.

I’m thinking that the holiday pay from working this Friday should cover the rest of the $$$ required for the PF-9.  Selling the Hi-Point shouldn’t be a problem – I know where and how to do that.

So, yeah, I think I’m going to look over my paycheck in a couple of weeks and if all goes well I think I’ll be selling my C9.


6 comments to Selling the C9???

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  • Kath

    Cindy is right. She knows more about it than I do, so listen to her — for a change.

    The other alternative is — OMG — you could SAVE the money and put it in the bank, another OMG, to start a nest egg for the cruise you said you were going to take her on or for the move to Miami. You know, just a thought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yes, I’m rolling my eyes!)

    • Kath,

      I know that saving the money and putting it towards a cruise is an alternative, but that’s just not going to happen.
      I have the belief (not trying to impose this on anyone, just sayin’) that I need a defensive handgun. The C9 serves that purpose right now, but the Kel-Tec PF-9 would do a better job at it.

      This isn’t just my opinion, however. Dad (Mr. Law Enforcement) thinks I’m doing the right thing here.

      It’s not about having a cool new toy – it’s about my safety, security, and peace of mind.

    • Think of it kind of like a seat belt. You hope you never have to use it, you know it would be a very bad day if you did, and yet you use it every day because of the consequences that could come if you didn’t.

  • Kath

    Your peace of mind is more important than my piece of advice, right? ;)

    Seriously, if you’ve thought it all out and worked it all out, then I think it’s good then! (2 smiley faces)

    • Thanks!

      I’ve really thought about this for quite a while. Believe me, I’ve had thoughts of selling both the C9 and the AK for something like a cooler rifle, but the combination of the two is much better.

      Of course, $300 would rent a nice car, a trip to California (where the weather’s cooler), or a lot of “nice” things.

      I’ll still stick with being prepared :wink:

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