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But It’s A Dry Heat!

So, what’s it like to live in Las Vegas?  I’ve been asked plenty of times.  People think the summer must be hot.

Las Vegas in June - HOT AND DRY!!!

Las Vegas in June - HOT AND DRY!!!

They’re not far off the mark with that observation.  Most of the summer is hot and dry.

Still, I think I’m just a bout sick of hearing the excuse that “it’s a dry heat” from people who don’t live here.  I wish I could find a way to make the next person who says that to me and who doesn’t live here somehow live with lows in the 80s and highs in the upper 100s.  For a whole year.

Yeah, it’s hot out there.  Be careful everyone 8)


2 comments to But It’s A Dry Heat!

  • Kath

    Believe me, we hear all summer — it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity. They give the dew points for the day and tell you that basically there’s nothing you can do with your hair today, ladies!!

    But I will say the humidity from all the rain and then all the standing water from all the rain breeds the mosquitos, which are already over-running us this year. Hot and humid IS summer, that’s what summer is. So if you accept that, I guess you have to accept the bugs, too!

    • Kath,

      I’ll take the dry heat over your weather – most of the time :wink:

      I think I’d rather live back there when it gets up to 126° though :)

      What I really miss are those wonderful 68° to 72° days in San Diego with an ocean breeze, waves, and seagulls 8)

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