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Picture A Day – 29 June 2009

I actually got my picture for the day taken care of first thing yesterday morning.  No, I didn’t just sit there and gawk.  I was stuck at a red light for a while and the incredibly short time my camera takes to go from off to ready came in handy.  I did not see anyone injured or this picture would not be on this blog.

29 June 2009 - Not the best way to start the day

29 June 2009 - Not the best way to start the day

I refuse to a picture like this as something “sensational” to “spice up” my blog.  If I’m going to use a picture of genuine misfortune (as opposed to someone being genuinely stupid like skaters jumping off of buildings), I want to use it in a way that might help someone.

We can learn from this picture in a few ways.  Remember to drive safely, wear your seatbelt, and keep your cellphone charged.  A first aid kit might not be a bad idea, either.  Don’t forget to put some sort of over the counter pain medication in there.  You’ll probably be sore after something like this.

One other thing to keep in your car – WATER!!! Yes, water.  You’re going to be stressed out.  The other person will be stressed out.  You’re going to want a drink of water.  Take it from me and the voice of my personal experience – you won’t be sorry you have it.  It can also be a true life saver if you’re in a hot climate.

Aside from just drinking it, water can also be used to clean a wound – back to first aid again :)

One last thing to add to this post – GOD BLESS OUR COPS!!! Check out this motorcycle cop.  He’s out there every single day taking care of business.  It was probably about 90° out there already when I was on my way to work.  That didn’t matter to him – he’s still going to do his job.  In motorcycle boots, body armor, a helmet, and carrying a full belt full of tools.  These guys ROCK 8)

Have a great day everyone :mrgreen:


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