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Picture A Day – 30 June 2009

I was kind of at a loss for a picture tonight.  I’ve been pretty darn tired which could be from a caffeine crash, but I’m still ticking over so it’s all good :)

I figured it was time to get away from the recent guns and planes and go with something a bit different.  So I dug into my (rather sparse) jewelry collection :wink:  Yes, I was thinking of you, Kath :D

Sterling silver, turquoise, and bear claw pendant

30 June 2009 - Sterling silver, turquoise, and bear claw pendant

I got these items separately, but I got a pretty good deal on both of them.  The chain was picked up at one of the biggest jewelry shows in the country thanks to Cindy getting me in the door when she was a buyer for a chain of gift shops on The Strip.  I think I might have paid $5 or $10 for it and it is sterling silver.  I found the pendant at another jewelry show that Cindy and I happened upon by accident in Laughlin on one of our overnight trips down there.  I think that was about $35.00.  It’s sterling silver with a real bear claw :)  The guy I bought it from said it came from a reservation up in Montana.

30 June 2009 - Sterling silver, turquoise, coral, and bear claw ring

30 June 2009 - Sterling silver, turquoise, coral, and bear claw ring

Mom got me a ring very similar to this one, but it’s had issues over the years and needs to be repaired which would cost a rather large amount of money.  Rather than just reattaching a piece and attaching a new band, it would need to have all the stones and the claw removed.

Cindy found this ring for me at a jewelry show and I think it cost me about $40.  It’s heavy.  17.5 grams on my electronic scale as a matter of fact.  That’s because it’s all real sterling silver.  That’s another real bear claw, real turquoise, and coral.

Yes, I know it all really needs to be polished up and I’ll do that soon :wink:

Have a great day :mrgreen:


2 comments to Picture A Day – 30 June 2009

  • Kath

    It’s so interesting that a piece of jewelry can instantly say Southwest or desert. A piece of gold or silver can definitely have meaning or a story with it, but it’s different when you see turquoise. Not a big fan of men’s jewelry myself — having seen too many gold chains and diamond pinkie rings in my time. (Seen, not gotten close to!!!)

  • Kath,

    That’s one thing I really like about this jewelry – it’s as southwest as I am, or even a bit more :)

    I’m not one for jewelry most of the time myself, but I really like this :wink:

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