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Posting Delays Explained

OK, I’ve been a bit slow in posting – and I apologize to the loyal readers I’m sure are out there :oops: ! Aviation Nation took a whole lot out of me and I’ve been working on getting the images from the digital camera tweaked just right (rotate to level, crop to make it not slanted on the edges, etc) and I’ve scanned the pics from the Polariod that I decided to keep – I gave most away again this year :) .

I was going to take Monday to just relax and get stuff worked out and posted, but my roommate had other plans for me – and who am I to complain when I get taken to a great barbecue place for free food :lol: ?

Anyhow, work’s been busy and I think I’ve regained a somwhat normal sleep cycle so I’ve been getting to sleep much earlier due to exhaustion brought on by copious amounts of exercise.

The digital pics and Polaroids I mentioned before are currently up on the gallery – click here to see the Aviation Nation 2007 section, just keep in mind that I’m still working on finding the time to label and caption them all :wink: .

Now that payday’s finally here, I can start to get the 35mm film developed – all 20 rolls I took during the airshow :shock: ! Those will be added to the gallery in time (same link as above) as they get developed and as I have time. I’ll probably do 10 rolls this paycheck and 10 more on the next one, but that’s still lots of pics :) !

Thanks for the patience :D !


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