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Picture A Day – 29 July 2009

Yes, I’m delving back into the archives for today’s pictures. I’m just a bit uninspired the past few days. OK, I’m a bit broke, too, so I’m trying to save money by not driving too much. Thank God I get paid Friday :D

29 July 2009 - It's SIFRONA!!!

29 July 2009 - It's SIFRONA!!!

As you can guess, that’s yours truly on the left and Mom on the right.  And that’s Sifrona in the middle :)

Sifrona’s one of the very few people from high school who I’m still in touch with.  Yes, we had some pretty darn good times and we may have raised a bit of hell back then – we did the teenage thing right and came out just fine on the other side 8)

We never really worked out as a romantic item, but we’re still great friends.  This seems to happen more often than not with me for some reason – the friends for life in the end thing.  And I think that’s a good thing no matter how you look at it :wink:

This picture was taken about 13 years ago which is kind of shocking for me to think about.  That was the last time we got together – she came out to San Diego from the east coast to visit for a week.  We did have a helluva time – Magic Mountain, Hollywood, movies…  Good times…

Keep ahold of good people and good friends – they’re priceless and part of what makes life so great :mrgreen:

Take care, everyone 8)


2 comments to Picture A Day – 29 July 2009

  • Kath

    A happy group. How nice that you guys still keep in touch! No, goof, not with your mom, with Sifrona! Although, hopefully you ARE in touch with yuor mom a lot!! Unfortunately — or otherwise — I don’t have parents to be concerned over.

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