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And Just Why Does This Never Happen to Me?????

And Just Why Does This Never Happen to Me?????

ST. PETERSBURG – A woman reported finding a “bazooka shell” in her attic today, prompting a visit from the bomb squad, police said.

Jean Tipton, 1512 Cheyenne St. N.E., was looking for a rat in her attic when she found the projectile, a report states. She moved it to her backyard before police arrived.

Officers confirmed the projectile was a bazooka round and asked neighbors to stay inside their homes and blocked traffic from the immediate area, the report states. The bomb squad removed the round, thought to be an inert practice round.

Officers also checked the attic for other rounds.

Tipton told police her brother was a Marine during World War II and had stored items in the attic before moving out in 1969.

I showed this to one of my co-workers who asked why I’d want such an item – after all, I don’t have a bazooka.  I asked him how long he thought it would take me to find one to use.  His response?  Good point :P

Now if I could only find something neat out here in Nevada…


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