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19 Seconds of AWESOME!

The embedded video below can only be described as 19 seconds of AWESOME!!!

From the YouTube description:

Protest at Obama’s Town Hall Meeting in Raleigh. had a very small group, Americans Patriots were in the hundreds as Obama drove right by all of them. Obama just looked straight ahead when he passed us, he looked kind of angry

Yes, that’s four blocks of people telling Obama to shove his healthcare proposal… Well, just use your imagination as to where they’d like him to shove it and which specialty would be needed to retrieve it :twisted:

The people are waking up :mrgreen:


4 comments to 19 Seconds of AWESOME!

  • Okay, here’s the deal. This has nothing to do with your post, but I couldn’t find your e-mail address anywhere on this site. I was going through the videos by John Fitzen at nutnfancy – trying to learn all I could about knives.

    I’m a writer and video game designer and I’m currently about 14,000 words into a fantasy novel with lots of knife fighting. It’s starting to freak me out a bit.

    Not the writing part – I have that pretty much down. I used to work as a writer for TSR (makers of D&D), I designed sword fighting games for EA and I’ve published several stories. You can see a bio at if you’re interested. So, this isn’t my first trip around the Popsicle stand in that regard. I’m worried my assumptions about how to carry and use a combat knife might be inaccurate. I’m afraid I might be a knife noob.

    I live here in Las Vegas and I would travel to SLC to see Fitzen himself, but a long time ago I dated a girl in Provo and that’s as far into Utah as I ever want to go. But you’re here in Vegas and I thought if you had a bit of free time, maybe I could buy you lunch and talk about knives and the best way to (FICTIONALLY) stab someone in the liver.

    Drop me an e-mail if you’re interested


    • Marc,

      I wish I could help, but I know nothing really about knife fighting. Truly, I’m still fairly new (all over again) to shooting and still learning a whole lot about that too.

      I do wish you luck with the novel!

      Have a great day!

  • Kath

    Thank goodness you DON’T know the answer to that!!!

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