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Maybe I Should Cut Costs On Soda…

So I was thinking again…  No, no need to run to the fallout shelter – it’s not one of my “apocalyptic” thoughts :P

Seriously, I’ve got some money coming my way and I was thinking that I might have a way to use some of that cash to save money in the long run.  One way I think I might be able to do that is with a home soda maker like this one:

Soda Stream home soda maker

Soda Stream home soda maker - Click to go to the Soda Stream website

It’s not all that cheap to get started, but it’ll pay for itself pretty quick.  I’ll admit it, I go through a lot of soda.  Really, it’s one of my major monetary expenditures and this looks like it has promise.

I figure it this way – carbonation is about $40 for 110 liters and a $5 bottle of syrup makes 12 liters, so it’s about $90 for 120 liters of soda.  That works out to 75¢ per liter or 25¢ per can at full strength.  If you cut the syrup in half, it’s only about $65 for 120 liters, 54¢ per liter or 18¢ per can.  That’s a whole lot less than what I usually pay :)  Of course, I could also use powdered drink mixes (like Gatorade™ or Crystal Light™) with the carbonated water, too.

You reuse the bottles, the carbonation cylinders, and use your own water, so it’s even better – no hauling soda up the stairs :D

Of course, this is still just a possible purchase – no decision made just yet :wink:


6 comments to Maybe I Should Cut Costs On Soda…

  • Kath

    See, it all starts when you start “thinking” again — then you want a new gadget! Skip the sodas entirely — or at least in half — and go for the Crystal Light and a Britta pitcher. Geesh.

  • My mother bought something similar to that in the early 80’s; the sodas tasted terrible! I do hope they’ve greatly improved the taste of the syrups!

    I’m with Kath – cut out the sodas, save pennies! :oP

  • Perhaps you can find it sold somewhere where you can test-sip the end fizzy product? That would be a gooood thing! And I’m sure they’ve improved the taste… it HAS been like 20 years. lol OMG, dating myself. :(

    • I don’t know of any place to taste test it, but then again I also realized that I have much better uses for that money :) I’m going to stick with the filter pitcher and lo/no cal drink mix :wink: I’m going to get this sorry, overweight butt in shape once it starts to cool down and I know I’ll prefer a cold drink of water or Gatorade to soda much of the time.

      About dating yourself – I don’t think you should worry about it and here’s why: You’re still around, you have a wonderful child, and you’re making your own way. Not all that many people are doing so well :wink:

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