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Picture(s) A Day – 28 August 2009

So I went on up to Big 5 Sporting goods after work yesterday to check out their selection of milsurp rifles, shotguns, and ammunition.  I knew I’d be safe because I had $10 cash in my pocket and another $10 in the bank and no more than that :P

Sure enough, they had some M95s, Yugoslavian Mausers, and even some M1 Garands :)  I’d really love to own a Garand, but I don’t have the $500 to $1200 it would take to bring one of those home with me.  Oh well, it was nice being able to handle it :wink:

They also had exactly the shotgun I’ve really wanted at a great price :D  I won’t get really specific right now (I’ll save that for the post I’m sure to make after I actually buy it), but it’s a Mossberg 500 Security 12 gauge and the sale price was $270 8)  The store manager assured me it’ll be back on sale in a few weeks for the same price and I think I’ll have the $318 I’ll need to take it home together by then 8)  Overtime, holidays, and the possible sale of at least one asset can be very beneficial to one’s firearm collection :mrgreen:

I’d have loved to include pictures of the above firearms, but it’s Big 5 company policy not to allow photography in their stores.  Hey, it’s private property and I can understand where they’re coming from so whatcha gonna do?

Oh, you wanted some pictures in this post?  Yeah, I guess I really should get around to posting them :wink:

28 August 2009 - Vision Airways on approach to KVGT

28 August 2009 - Vision Airways on approach to KVGT

Kath, I swear I don’t have a radar attached to my camera :lol:

I really had to get some gas as Trevor doesn’t seem to go anywhere without it and the gauge on the dash had the needle in line with the red mark :oops:  I pulled up to a Terrible’s station and heard a plane nearby.  Once again, the quick start-up time of the Canon PowerShot A1000 IS allowed me to get a pretty good pic on short notice.

For all of my readers who aren’t aviation geeks (which is most of you) and who don’t know about airport identification codes (which I wouldn’t blame you for in the least), KVGT is the universal international identifier for North Las Vegas Airport.  You might have seen a few pictures of KVGT around this blog before :wink:  All official airports have a similar identifier – Lindbergh Field in San Diego is KSAN, Las Angeles International is KLAX, McCarren International Airport in Las Vegas is KLAS as a few examples.  Most people drop the “K” at the beginning, so you’re probably more used to just hearing “LAX” than KLAX.  If you ever want to know what the identifier is for an airport you’re traveling to, just look at the tag on your checked bags or your boarding pass where you’ll see the three letter identifier.  I’ve heard that the Fresno Yosemite International Air Terminal’s identifier on baggage has caused a few misunderstandings with sensitive passengers – imagine someone seeing a tag on one of their checked bags with “FAT” on the label :lol:

28 August 2009 - Gotta love the Las Vegas Strip!

28 August 2009 - Gotta love the Las Vegas Strip!

While I was slaking Trevor’s thirst at the gas pump, I noticed that I had quite a nice view of the Fabulous Las Vegas Strip in the distance.  Of course, I couldn’t in good conscience pass up an opportunity to share such a sight with my loyal readers, now could I 8) ?

I’ve got a bit more blogging, bill paying, and food hunting to do, so I’m going to cut this post right here.

Have a fun day :mrgreen:


6 comments to Picture(s) A Day – 28 August 2009

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  • Glenn Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Retired

    When I was at NAS Lemoore back in the mid/late eighties, the first of the surplus arms hit the stores. A buddy and I went to the Big 5 in Visalia to check things out. This was in 86, if memory serves me. He had 5 SMLEs on the rack at $100 a piece. After giving them a once over, I told the guy behind the counter that I would give him $100 for the lot. The look on his face was quite something! He actually took exception to my offer. I told him that with all 5 I could get one decent rifle, considering the poor material condition. He asked me what made me an “expert”. I replied that I had been shooting one since I was 15. I was only 32 at the time but you get the picture.
    When checking these surplus arms out, get them checked out, especially from Big 5.

    • Glenn,

      I know what you mean. The milsurps at Big 5 ain’t exactly pristine.

      I’ve only bought one milsurp from Big 5 – the Steyr M95. Nobody had gauges to check headspace and all, so I just had to trust that the metal all looked good and put my faith in Bulgarian engineering and manufacturing and 1930s Nazi made ammunition :shock:

      Thankfully, I can tell you the only trauma caused by firing that Steyr was to the acoustically sensitive fauna in the desert and to my shoulder – that thing KICKS :twisted: !!!

  • Glenn Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Retired

    Horizon used to fly the Do 328, until winter set in. They had some difficulty in places like Kalispel, Butte, Bozeman, Great Falls, Bend/Redmond, Pocatello and other sundrie places like that. I heard Vision runs them from Carlsbad, CA to North Las Vegas.
    BTW, ICT: Wichita Mid Continent Airport. Home of scaled back airplane builders Cessna and Bombardier-Learjet.

  • Glenn Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Retired

    I saw a billboard ad sometime back while hiding out in Oceanside when the BNSF sent my train all the way to Pedernal, NM to load for a dump at Kingman.

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