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SoCal Burning – Let’s All Pray

Southern California is once again on fire.  This is nothing new to anyone who’s ever lived there, but it’s not a good thing by any stretch of the imagination either.

I’ve read that over 10,000 homes are threatened and that mandatory evacuations are in place.  Mt. Wilson has a pretty big telecom relay station with lots of microwave and other antennas and it’s currently threatened.   I can only imagine how many blackouts are happening due to fire damaged power lines.

I also know that at least two firefighters died in a car accident and that several civilians have been injured.

I’ve been through fires like these.  I was evacuated from Indian Camp in Santa Ysabel back in 1991 and most of Mataguay Scout reservation burned.  Many of us kids lost nearly all we’d brought with us.  I’ve never been evacuated from my home, but I remember Mom, Dad, my brother, and all the animals being evacuated at somewhere between 0100 and 0300 back in October of 2003 and how worried I was for them as well as for all their friends.

I’d like to offer my prayers for those whose lives an homes are in peril tonight as well as those who have suffered harm and who have been lost.  I also invite anyone reading this to join me.

God, please watch over all of these people, their homes, their pets, and their belongings.  Help them through this difficult time and spare them from harm.



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