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I’ve wanted to see the Blue Man Group for quite some time and I finally got my chance! One of my Christmas presents from Cindy was a trip to the Venetian last night for just that purpose and they surely didn’t disappoint :thumb: !

Blue Man Group ROCKS!!!

The “noise” in the picture above (got my picture taken with a Blue Man 8) !!!) is there because I had to use my cellphone. Most performance venues and museums here in Las Vegas specifically forbid cameras so I left my good one at home. Blue Man just says don’t use ’em until after the show or they’ll have to use the ejector seat function in your chair :P

Oh, I’ve seen videos, especially on PBS. Videos do this act no justice at all :) You’ve got the three Blue Men on stage and at times coming into the audience along with a rock band of four drummers, two guitar players, and a keyboardist. Add to that the fact that everyone’s black-light reactive. Now add the unbelievable lighting – people with problems associated with strobe lights should stick to the videos :wink: . This was theater geekdom at its finest and that is meant as a solid compliment :) !

About the only souvenirs I took home tonight (being broke) were my ticket stub, a pic with one of the Blue Men, and some of the paper that flowed during the show like I’ve never seen it do before :mrgreen:

If you’re in a city with a Blue Man Group, I highly recommend going – it’s worth the cost of the ticket! If you’re in Vegas, same thing – just go to the Venetian.

I’m including two useful links down below. the Wikipedia article is pretty well written with lots of good info and links. The official site, on the other hand, has lots of good performance pics.

Click here for the official Blue Man Group website.

Click here for the Blue Man Group Wikipedia page.

Rock on, Blue Man Group :notworthy: !!!


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