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Milsurps and My New (to me) Steyr M95!

Not too long ago, I went out in the desert with my buddy James and my roommate’s nephew, Doyle. I brought out the AK and the .22, James brought his .22, and Doyle brought his old bolt action Sears .22 and a rifle I knew nothing about – his Mosin-Nagant M44. Doyle had .22 ammo (I think we all had a total of about 1500 rounds for the .22s), but didn’t have much in the way of money, so I went out and picked up some 7.62x54R for the M44. Well, long story short, I got to fire the M44 and I’m now a convert to the milsurp (military surplus) world :D !

Steyr M95After much research on the internet, I’d decided to get myself at least a couple of Mosins (91/30 & M44), probably a Swiss K31, and likely a German K98. I was also going to wait until I went down to Prescott, AZ to see Mom and Dad to get the Mosins as they live just up the road from J&G as they seem to have the best prices around. Well, that was the plan – until I walked into the Big 5 up the street from me :wink: . I swear I was just looking to see what Mosins they had in stock, but then a sale tag on one of the rifles caught my eye.

That sales tag was on a Steyr M95 and the price was only $79.95. Then I saw the flyer on the counter with the $10 off coupon. I was hooked – a nice example of a straight-pull, bolt action carbine for $69.95! That was a deal that was just too good to pass up :)

There really wasn’t much cosomline on the rifle and what little there was cleaned up nicely off the metal with some Break Free CLP and Gun Scrubber. I cleaned the bore out with some foaming bore cleaner, lots of patches, Hoppe’s Elite Bore Gel, more patches, more bore gel, bore brush, more gel, more patches etc until it was finally clean. I can tell you it’s got a great bore – nice and shiny with good, strong rifling :thumb: !

Finding ammo in 8x56R around here was a no-go, but it was pretty easy to get some online. Easy, but expensive! For perspective, .22 ammo is about $12.00 for 550 rounds and 7.62×39 (AK-47 ammo) is about $5.00 for 20 rounds. 8x56R for the M95 is usually around $25 for 20 rounds and then there’s shipping :shock: All told, I paid $40 for 20 rounds of Austrian surplus on the required mannlicher enbloc clips (gotta have the clips to load the magazine) and I might order some more clips, but I’ve found that Graf’s has brand new, non-corrosive ammo for my new rifle for $26.00 for 20 rounds and only charges $4.95 for shipping no matter how much I order 8)

8×56R in mannlicher enbloc clip

So what’s it like to shoot? It’s a freaking BLAST AND A HALF :twisted: !!! The action takes a bit of force to unlock, but was no trouble. The recoil was on par with a 12ga shotgun so not bad, but quite enough to be fun! Then there’s the noise. This has to be the loudest rifle I’ve ever fired!!! I was out in the desert with big ear muffs on and I still heard the echo for at least a full second :D

It may not be common or cheap to shoot, but I have decided that my M95 is here to stay 8)


6 comments to Milsurps and My New (to me) Steyr M95!

  • Good for you! I did the same started with a 91/30.
    Now I have 3 M44’s a M38 and seven Steyr M95/30’s one being chambered original 8X50. The Steyr is the most exciting fun short rifle to experience. I like mine so much I designed and built a scope mount with no gun mods so I can use it for Elk!!! You can’t beat the price. Ammo will coming from Privy soon reports $12-$15 a box…
    Chandler, Az

  • Nice. Some good info here. I’ve been thinking about getting an M95 for a while now but the ammo and clips have me stuck. I knew rounds were pricey but I wasn’t expecting more than a buck each. I guess the low price of the weapon makes it worth it though. It’s like buying a printer- the ink refills cost as much as the unit itself heheh. Anyway I still want one!

  • jimmy

    i have a original steryr m 95 bought at a garage sale and cleaned up. the guy thought it was a 22 and sold it to me cheap. looking to sell. thought it was worth more than this guy paid but what ever anyone make an offer?

  • Hello Jeff;
    Try Bore-Pro to save yourself a lot of work after using corrosive ammo. Send me an email if you would like a sample. More info at the website.
    Rick “The Bore Cleaner Guy”

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