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Fall Is Finally Arriving!!!

I seriously can't wait for Wednesday!!!

I seriously can't wait for Wednesday!!!

It seems strange when I think about it, but perceptions can be that way sometimes.  It felt like summer would never end and yet it really wasn’t all that long.

Back on 6 June 2009, I went shooting in the desert and it was a truly glorious day :D  The temperature was in the 70s and rain showers drifted across the desert.

A month later, it was freaking blazing out in the desert north of Las Vegas as I celebrated Independence Day.

Fast forward another month and Mom and Dad came to visit :D  We went shooting and did a few other things and we were thankful that the temps were only about 100° that day.

It was still about 105° at the beginning of this month.

Summer may not have been as endless as I thought it was while it lasted, but Wednesday and Thursday will certainly be welcome 8)


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