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One week update and such

Wow, has it been a week already? But most of last Monday and Tuesday are still lost. I still haven’t had a cigarette since the night before the surgery. The daughter is most pleased. With being unable to even think about one for four days, it was almost a natural progression.

I did take a few snapshots of the stomach this morning. However, in deference to a request by Kath, I will not post any of them here. I have sent some to old friends, shipmates and fellow railroaders that would not be upset by them. Suffice to say that laughing lately, can hurt. One old Intruder guy I know told me it was the wierdest belly button he had ever seen….and that maybe they should have removed some of the fat that hangs over the belt. It is an old Navy Airdale thing.

The urologist’s scheduler was not in today. I need to make the appointment for that other fun evolution………..getting the staples removed. I still have to use the percosette, once in awhile. I did have to sort of keep tabs on grand-daughter Piper. Daughter showed up to mow the yard. Grandpa gave her some apple slices and graham crackers with milk. The sometime sudden directional changes that a 20 month old can hit you with are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It may take the entire month following the surgery but things are progressing in a very positive manner.

UPDATE: The Staples come out on Thursday, 01 October!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


5 comments to One week update and such

  • My daily workout with a lil blondie -nearly 24-months-old- is possibly the only thing that keeps me from being a fat ol “retired” Navy Wife/Crazy Cat Lady.

    Thanks for the update, and the picture is…umm…a bit less than flattering, shall we say, but I still sent it to a couple guys I know, with minimal explanation.

  • I’m so glad to hear things are going well :D

    Yes, I saw the picture and I’ve gotta say it’s perfect for halloween :P

    Kids – I was the youngest and I don’t have any myself. I do have two nephews and a niece to go along with Cindy’s nieces and nephews.

    If we could harness the power in the caffeine and sugar induced energy bursts of toddlers, we’d solve the world’s energy needs :lol:

  • Kath

    Oh, my goodness, Glenn — Don’t you DARE put yukky surgery pictures on here!!! Send them to whoever, just make sure I’m not on the list.

    I know what my own surgery scars look like and they are NOT pretty and do not need to be seen on the internet!!

  • When daughter had her C-section, she removed the staples herself with a staple remover at the vet’s office.

    I’d offer her services of the staple-removing variety but if you bite, she’ll take you straight to euthanasia.

  • Glenn Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Retired

    Not to worry Kath, I did not post them here. Some of the old shipmates have responded with some rather off the wall comments. As are old seadogs want to do.

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