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KE7VYA – New Ham Radio Operator in Las Vegas

Yep, that’s my new callsign – KE7VYA 8)

I’m now the official holder of a Technician class license from the FCC which allows me to operate an amateur radio station :)

I’ve purchased a Yaesu VX-6R radio which puts out 5 watts on the 2 meter band, 5 watts on the 440 MHz (70cm) band, and 1.5 watts on the 220 MHz band. I also now have a MFJ 1724B magnet mount which is now on the roof of my HHR for operations while actually on the road.

Brochure cover for my new radio - the Yaesu VX-6R

Aside from being a transceiver on the bands I mentioned above, the VX-6R is a great receiver for anything between 50 KHz to 999 MHz except cellphone frequencies which must be blocked by law. This means I’ll be able to chat with other Hams and listen to the Thunderbirds at Nellis :D

Much more on Ham Radio to come in the near future :wink:


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