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White House and 2nd Amendment

I’ve seen this posted on several other blogs, but I felt I had to post it myself.

We’ve seen nothing particularly negative towards gun rights from the White House, at least yet.  We’ve even heard some good when someone openly carried a firearm near a town hall meeting and the White House basically said it was within the guy’s rights to do so.

That said, we need to keep on our toes and keep our eyes open.  You can bet that the current President is no fan of guns.  His history bears this out and I’ll leave it to you to Google that history for yourself.

What’s disturbing to other gun bloggers and to myself is the way the White House has worded its explanation of the Second Amendment on the official White House web page.  I’ve seen this part posted before, but what I haven’t seen is a comparison of that explanation with the other explanations on the same page.

The difference in wording is stunning for those who know how much it can mean

The difference in wording is stunning for those who know how much it can mean

Take a good close look at the differences.  You’ll notice that the other explanations (outlined in green) say that the Amendment in question prohibits or otherwise restricts the government.  The explanation for the Second Amendment (outlined in red) says that the Amendment GIVES the right to bear arms to the people.

But it goes much deeper than that.  Ignoring for the moment the absence of the right to keep arms, I find this explanation very troubling.  The problem is that as it has been pointed out for decades and actually for centuries now, the Rights in the Bill of Rights are not given by the Amendments to the People.  These Rights are natural rights which have been bestowed upon the People by their Creator and are recognized by the Amendments.  You see, if these rights are merely given by the Amendments, then they’ve been given by men and therefore can be taken by men.

The right to self defense is a basic human right in both my eyes and the eyes of many others.  This right is not only that of personal self defense against criminals, but it is also a defense against the government.  It defends all the other Rights.  To be left defenseless by the Government would be nothing short of a monstrous miscarriage of justice and a very significant step along the way to a possible decision by the People that the time to throw off their government as the Founders did would have arrived.

Some people might try to tell you that this is no big deal or that it’s a mistake of some sort.  You can be certain that this is no mistake.  The White House, like the rest of the Government, is full nearly to bursting with lawyers.  They crawl over every statement, every speech, and every word of every web page before it goes online to make sure it’s ready for prime time.  They knowingly approved this and you can be sure they knew exactly what it means.

Keep your powder dry, folks.

Hat tip to Gun Rights 4 Us


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