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Picture(s) A Day – 31 October 2009

Today’s been a recovery day mostly.

About the only thing I did most of the day was to go to Borders for the third Harry Potter book before going to Sonic for some brunch.  After that it was back home for more rest and recovery.  I watched a movie and took a nap and that was about it.

But I did head out one other time…

31 October 2009 - Jeremiah Weed!!!

31 October 2009 - Jeremiah Weed!!!

31 October 2009 - Mount Gay Rum - The real, honest to goodness pirate stuff!

31 October 2009 - Mount Gay Rum - The real, honest to goodness pirate stuff!

31 October 2009 - It sure was a nice evening :)

31 October 2009 - It sure was a nice evening :)

I forgot my normal camera, so my LG Neon cellphone did camera duty this afternoon instead.  It’s not the greatest, but it’s sure better than nothing :D

My afternoon excursion took me to two places – Lee’s Discount Liquor and Taco Bell.

Taco Bell was of course chosen as a destination for the dinner part of the day, but I had a good reason for going to Lee’s as well.  I’m still mulling over the idea (if you’ll excuse the pun) of starting to make wine, beer, and mead and I wanted to actually try some mead to ensure that I would like the finished product of my labors.  I know I can find people to help drink any excess beer I produce (like that’s difficult :P ), but the mead might be a bit of an issue.  Very few people I’ve spoken to have had any idea what it is.  I figured if any place would have some mead for me to try, Lee’s would.

And indeed, Lee’s had two types of mead.  There was the regular mead and there was also blackberry mead.  I had a devil of a time deciding, so I just bought both as they really didn’t cost all that much :)

I’m happy to say that yes, I really do like it – a lot 8)  I didn’t quite know what to expect, but it didn’t surprise me that much.  I’ve heard it described as honey wine and that’s exactly how it tastes :)  It’s 11% alcohol by volume, so it would equate to 22 Proof if it were liquor.  So a bit stronger than beer but not overly strong at the same time.

The two meads I picked up were from Chaucer Winery in California.  They say they use three types of 100% raw honey – clover, alfalfa, and sage – and I think they might just know what they’re doing :)

The two types of liquor in the pictures are there for a reason – they’re a couple of my favorites.  No doubt most people have heard of that wonderful liquid known as Jeremiah Weed – 100 Proof bourbon liqueur is good stuff 8) !  Most people probably haven’t heard of Mount Gay rum though.  Mount Gay has been made in the same way in the same place since 1753.  Hmm… Let’s see, what happened in the Caribbean near Barbados around that time frame and a bit later…  Oh yeah – PIRATES :mrgreen: !!!  Yes, this is straight up, no fooling, no BS, straight cane pirate rum :twisted: !  I won’t try to kid you, it’s not anything like smooth sipping rum.  It’s more than a bit harsh and I can truly see why it was watered down into grog.  I still like it and I guess it’s partly for that history – the Caribbean connection to the Pirates of old 8)

The weather really was great today aside from the wind and I do wish I could have been out doing something which requires hearing protection, but that’s life :)  Anywho, I’m going to just kick back tonight and relax.  I might watch a movie or two and get some more sleep – I need my rest if I’m going to be ready for everything that’s slated to happen in November :wink:

Have a groovy weekend everyone :mrgreen:


4 comments to Picture(s) A Day – 31 October 2009

  • Shana

    Hey Jeff Great piece here! Its funny, i like you find myself often wondering around the liquor store checking out cool brands, old and new. I actually had the opportunity the take a vacation to Barbados for work (I know, tough life right!?) and we visited the Mount Gay distillery. Quite the experience that was! Nothing like rum straight from the source right? I have yet to visit the Weed distillery, but would sure love to! Dark spirits are my preference and particularly bourbon. Ive always been a huge fan of Bulleit. I recently tried the jeremiah weed and I was an instant fan. Such a classic taste that surely has found a permanent spot in my house.


    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Shana :D !

      Yeah, I think I could live with a working vacation to Barbados and a distillery :wink: Mount Gay is good stuff :)

      I found out about Weed via some friends over on which is a watering hole for military aviation enthusiasts. And I’ve never looked back :lol: My former roommate says it’s vile, but her nephew and niece swear it’s heavenly. There’s more than a few people on who swear it tastes like jet fuel, but I disagree based on personal experience. We won’t go into that right now…

      Now you’ve gone and done it – I’m going to have to try Bulleit! I found it on Lee’s website, so I think next paycheck or maybe first of December I might have to go find it.

      Thanks for brightening up my day!

  • Glenn Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Retired

    Eagle Rare, 10 year old bourbon. Two fingers in a glass with two ice cubes, optional.
    Canadian Mist for medicinal purposes. Sam Adams, Pete’s Wicked Ale and Henry Weinhard’s Blue Boar Ale are the preferred malt beverages. And Guinness may be good but the Dechutes brewery in Redmond, Oregon has a stout called Obsidian. Yeah! 9 bucks a six pack but it is that special treat.

    • OK, you guys are going to kill me here :P I’ve never had anything you mentioned except for Pete’s and Sam Adams. Oh, and Guinness a very long time ago :wink: Now I’m going to have to go find the rest over the next few months!

      I swear, between the alcohol and firearms…

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