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Last Post of the Day – Jimmy Buffett – Souvenirs

Most of the Buffett songs I know (and that’s a pretty large number of ’em) I learned while I was working at Captain’s Cove.  This isn’t one of those.

I bought Margaritaville Cafe – Late Night Menu because it was the only way I could get another song – but you’ll have to wait to find out which one :wink:  Anywho, I was listening to the whole thing and found this song called “Souvenirs.”

Some songs I like for the way they sound.  Some for the lyrics.  This falls under both, but more the lyrics if I had to choose.

It’s one of those songs that I can identify with as the storyline goes.  My writings about Cindy, Kerry, Sifrona, and Adrienne have probably given away at least a small part about how I can relate to that part of it.  I’m glad to say that this list of people continues to grow – just look at the authors and commenters around this place :)

But it goes a bit farther.  It also speaks to a large part of my philosophy for life.  What I’ve come to believe through my short time around this world of ours is that everyone you meet and come to know for any length of time will have some effect on you.  They’ll leave some sort of lesson with you and a bit of themselves with it.  This goes both ways.  You will have an effect on all the people you meet and will leave them with lessons and a bit of you.  You get to decide what that is.

Me?  I guess my philosophy that gets transferred most of the time is that life doesn’t have to be “normal” no matter how bland it might look.  There’s so much that you can do if you want to, even if you’re mostly broke.  “Dangerous Things” are only as dangerous as the person who controls them.  More things are legal and fun than most people would think – explosives and machineguns for example – if you know what you’re doing and how to go through the legal hurdles.  There’s more open space than you’d believe out there and it really still is “The Wild West” out here – not that much has changed outside of the cities.  You may not have very many friends in your life – and you will very likely have very few true, close friends.  Those friends are the ones you’d do anything for and you know who they are.  Cherish them and make sure they know you’ll never leave them.


Souvenirs by Vince Melamed and Danny O’Keefe

Someone wants a piece of you
Never let ‘em pay
What you do not give them
Time takes anyway
Had I known what love is worth
I could have saved the tears
Might have come in handy
Like souvenirs

I didn’t see her comin’
‘Til my head turned in surprise
Thinking I must know her
But it was her thin disguise
She padded up her innocence
And tightly cinched her fears
But she saved a little room
For souvenirs

I still go to pieces
But I don’t go as often
Placeless times in space
Where all the edges soften
She took me away
Where I couldn’t send her
I knew that she would leave me
Something to remember

I wanted more than one
Until I found the one I wanted
Her memories are ghosts now
Though I’m still pretty haunted
What we gave each other
Ain’t exactly clear
Probably comes under the heading
Of souvenirs

Pieces, bits, and pieces
Add up through the years
I’ve collected a small fortune
In souvenirs

So in conclusion, I’d like to say thanks to everyone of my friends and all those who’ve left me with something for my bag of souvenirs.  They may be large or small, but they’re certainly appreciated :)

Have a great day, everyone 8)

Margaritaville Cafe – Late Night Menu


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