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Picture A Day – 26 November 2009 – Thanksgiving

26 November 2009 - Coal the cat and yours truly

26 November 2009 - Coal the cat and yours truly

Today’s Thanksgiving and upon reflection, I’ve got a whole lot to be thankful for :)

Not only do I have a very loving family, but I’ve also got a second family who consider me to be one of their own regardless of blood or marriage.  Cindy and her family have been invaluable since I met them.  I may be a couple hundred miles from Mom, Dad, and my brother, my sister may be a couple of thousand miles away, and Cindy may be a couple hundred miles away as well (now that she’s moved), but Missy’s just up the highway a bit (Missy is Cindy’s sister) :wink:  Thanksgiving dinner at her place was superb and I had a great time with everyone there 8)

Along with both of my families, I’ve got a pretty good group of friends who I’ve collected over the years :D  From the newest around these parts (Hey there Kath and Glenn :mrgreen: ) to the oldest (That’s you, Skids, Kerry, and Adrienne :wink: ) and everyone in between (too numerous to list here), I’ve got good people I can rely on and am proud to call my friends.

I may get a bit stressed out by it at times, but I have a stable job.  In this economy, I can’t imagine what I’d be doing or where I’d live if that weren’t the case.  I even have a pretty good manager and new director of human resources.

I’ve got a good car, a nice gun collection, and a cool pet.  I’d say I’m doing alright 8)

The picture above was taken tonight.  I wrote about Coal the cat back when he showed up at my front door at midnight in December of last year.  How he ended up living with Missy (Cindy’s sister) and her family and how he was renamed Frank is a long story, but it’s not what counts.

Coal (I’ll always call him Coal) was pretty skinny when he showed up, but not anymore.  He was homeless – the last entry in the registration for the microchip was three years before I found him and from 45 miles away.  The vet who scanned the chip and gave him a free once over after hearing his story said that he was likely a “foreclosure pet” whose family had left him behind when they couldn’t keep him.  His new family (both back at my last place and at his current home) feeds him and cares for him very well.  I’m just thankful that I was able to help him when he needed it :)

So, yeah, I have lots to be thankful for 8)

Have a great day everyone :mrgreen:


4 comments to Picture A Day – 26 November 2009 – Thanksgiving

  • Kath

    I remember when you talked about Coal before! Glad he’s still around and looks like he’s doing just fine. Nice picture of you guys.

  • Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, Jeff. We are fortunate to have all our family here in Henderson – 2 daughters and 1 granddaughter and their families. I’m sorry you missed the last reunion. It was a great one with two days of socializing with the public at the Atomic Testing Museum.

    • TD,

      I’m glad you had all the family together and I know how good that feels 8) Thanksgiving is a special time that’s right up there with Christmas.

      I’m sorry I missed the reunion, too. I will be at the next one as long as I’m not in some other faraway land :)

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