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Plane-a-day,sort of

Super Hornet of He Bountyhunters of VFA2/CVW2

Super Hornet of The Bounty Hunters of VFA2/CVW2

Started life as VF2  with VF1 Wolfpack as new from the ground up Tomcat Squadrons embarked in then CVW 14 on USS Enterprise. This was in 1974.  In 1980  they joined CVW 2 onboard USS Ranger for the long cruise during the Jimmy Carter Iranian Hostage Crisis. I was there on that one in VA-145. Left North Island on 10September1980 and got back on 5May1981. I turned 26 the day after we left Coronado. In 1993 Ranger and the two A6 squadrons 145 and 155 were de-established. VF2 went somewhere else. I will look it up and get back to you all. But somewhere along the line it got plastic jets.

Carrier Air Wing Two is now embarked on USS Abraham Lincoln, CVN 71.

Jeez, I think I’m getting old:(


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