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Plane-a-Day with Ordnance

Vis Weps Fun in the Good Old Days

Vis Weps Fun in the Good Old Days

I stole this one from the Swordsmen website. I don’t think Steve Beals will mind. Seeing as how I am on the Muster List.

There are twenty-eight of those 500 pound  Mk. 82 General Purpose Bombs coming off that Mighty A-6E TRAM. It had stations for thirty but the forward main gear doors would have to be taken off. But at Fallon, it was visweps as the caption indicates, visual weapons. Bomb sight and the Mark 1 eyeball. It was when that fancy, and high tech TRAM system was not used.

And just for Buck. Ain’t ever going to see a Hornette do that! Couldn’t do it on a bet. It can do the other thing we did though. Buddy Store on the center-line and four drop tanks and…………instant tanker. We had 4 or 5 KA-6Ds on the inventory, rebuilt A models with a hose reel package and five drop tanks. The guy to ask about this is Pinch Paisley, fighter guy extraordinaire. There was a time that the venerable Intruder was more important as a tanker than a bomber.

And being in Black and White gives it an…..almost………..sinister quality. Ain’t it purty!?!?!?!?!?! Grumman guys. We’re like that.


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