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Sad news from Tacoma/Parkland/Lakewood

Four City of Lakewood, WA police officers were murdered today in a coffee shop frequented by law enforcement, regular Air Force and Army and area residents. There is a possibility that a suspect was wounded.  The area means a bit to me and my family. My late in-laws were residents of South Tacoma and their Post Office was Parkland Station. My sister-in-law went to University High in Lakewood.

When the local law enforcement, Pierce County Sheriff, Lakewood PD, Tacoma PD find this guy, I hope he resists. It will save the area folks a lot of agony if the scumbag puts up a fight. Cause if he is caught and ends up on trial, the crybabies in Olympia will find some excuse to spare him the gallows at Walla Walla.

The best coverage is on the local outlets, KING-5,  KOMO-4, KIRO-7 and the NWCN.


2 comments to Sad news from Tacoma/Parkland/Lakewood

  • As the son of a now retired California Highway Patrol officer, I know how much these guys put into their jobs and all I can say is that my thoughts and prayers go out to them along with their families, friends, and colleagues.

    Here’s hoping justice is done.

  • Kath

    It is such a COMPLETE waste of life. It’s scary enough on a traffic stop or, God forbid, a shoot-out, but to just be sitting there, getting ready for your day???

    My heart goes to their families, their friends and, of course, police officers everywhere. Just a knife in the heart when you hear of this.

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