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Picture A Day – 13 December 2009 – Guest Photographer

13 December 2009 - Cindy's car today

13 December 2009 - Cindy's car today

Just a quick post today :)  It was rather nice not to have to worry about being anywhere special at any given time for a change.  I know tomorrow will bring rather a large degree of chaos and that entropy will increase at a higher rate than normal – it’s been raining in California.  There will of course be more overtime which is something I can certainly handle and I will enjoy the extra money.  Still, there’s something to be said for time to one’s self :wink:

I left the apartment for a very short period of time today and only once.  About the only useful thing I did was to clean up a couple of guns and make sure they were oiled right.  Aside from that I had a nice chat with Cindy :)  As I posted in the comments on the other post, she said to say thanks for all the support 8)

Getting around to the picture, I figured since I didn’t have anything interesting or useful I’d post the one she sent me today :)  This is her car before she dug it the rest of the way out.  As a joke, I asked if she’d gone on a Sunday drive and she replied that she’d gone over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house :P  I asked if the horse knew the way to carry the sleigh and she said of course he did and he was on autopilot the whole way :lol:  I figured y’all might like to see what you’re missing out there and I just know Buck, Glenn, and Kath wish they could be there :wink:

It’s great to see pics from friends 8)

Have a great day, everyone :mrgreen:


4 comments to Picture A Day – 13 December 2009 – Guest Photographer

  • kc

    I think her garage is the same size as my house. I am GREEN – with envy!

  • I just know Buck, Glenn, and Kath wish they could be there :wink:

    Heh. Yeah, right. Almost… ;)

  • Kath

    (Cringe) Snow. Sure hope it’s not a long drive to work. Yesterday (Mon.) was in the 50s and today is to start dropping and then “chance of” for the weekend. Blah.

  • Glenn Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Retired

    Been nice in the Antelope Valley. Freezing at night and mid sixties during the day. The San Gabriel’s to the south still had snow on top yesterday.
    And I do miss it. As long as the ice is about 8 inches thick to play on! Wearing long handled underwear of course and a toque. No helmet, OK. Not playing pond hockey.
    The Nordske in me still loves the winter, ya sure ya betcha!

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