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Nice Timing, God!

Nobody’s saying it’s Jesus’ house from when He walked among us, but it’s still pretty cool that archaeologists have finally found a house in Nazareth that’s from His time :)

From Fox News:

First Jesus-Era House Found in Nazareth, Israel


Days before Christmas, archeologists on Monday unveiled what they said were the remains of the first dwelling in Nazareth that can be dated back to the time of Jesus — a find that could shed new light on what the hamlet was like during the period the New Testament says Jesus lived there as a boy.

And what with all that’s wrong in the world, I can’t help but think the timing had a bit of Divine influence :wink:


1 comment to Nice Timing, God!

  • Kath

    Those archeologists must have been (and probably still are) beside themselves with excitement over this. I think finding this — they had some “help”.

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