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MCAS Miramar Air Show 2014

It was hot. Really Hot. Really Damn Hot. So were the Hooters Gals. For your perusal and enjoyment a selection of pictures from the day.   As the reader will notice, I have some Rule Five pictures……………..The Hooters Girls and a couple of gals I saw walk by. What do you expect? I am an […]


From my Day on USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76 on 9 April

I got the invite from blog bud Christopher Goodrich and his daughter, The WSO, to participate in The Family and Friends Day on the USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity. This was a really good day!


Memories From the Closet

So, I’ve been packing for quite a while.  I know I’m glacial in my pace, but I’m getting it done One of the reasons I’ve been taking so long to get this done is that I’ve been going through stuff and deciding what to throw away, what to keep, what’s important within that stuff. I […]


Aviation Nation 2011 – Sunday

It’s Christmas Eve and I’ve been working on getting a whole bunch of photos edited and ready for uploading.  Oh, I’ll have some pics from today – I did actually leave the apartment and get on the bike   But I wanted to get caught up a bit   How about we start off the […]


Aviation Nation 2011 – Saturday

I know I’m more than just a little late in getting this posted, but that’s how life goes sometimes.  Between a trip to Utah for Thanksgiving and working overtime, it’s been more than a little busy and my mind just hasn’t been all that creative.  I’ve been much more interested in watching a few movies […]


Glenn’s views on the Reno Tragedy

I will keep it simple as possible. What happened the other day was a terrible tragedy. So far nine dead and sixty injured, some of those seriously. I never made it to the National Air Races. I would have loved it. For airplane junkies, it is almost as much of a pilgrimage as Air Venture […]


Pic Dump and short article from AirFighters!

Was having a look as is normal. I am a member at this one as I am at listed somewhere on the right side here. This one is nothing but military aircraft. Fighters, Bombers, Attack, Electronic Warfare, Tankers and Transports. From around the world. I think all can enjoy this one.  


Fly Me To the Moon!

A formation of AV-8B Harriers fly by the early rising moon over San Diego Bay during the Centennial of Naval Aviation Open House and Parade of Flight at Naval Air Station North Island, Feb. 12, 2011. The Navy is observing the Centennial of Naval Aviation with a series of nationwide events celebrating 100 years of […]


Picture(s) A Day – Aviation Nation 2010 – Sunday At Nellis AFB

Sorry for the delay everyone, but I was just flat worn out Sunday night and yesterday wasn’t the greatest day, either.  I managed to get the pictures for this post edited and the panoramas stitched together, and uploaded, but getting them built into the post and captioned took a bit too much time.  I finally […]


Next Stop – Aviation Nation 2010

It’s that time of the year again and I’m off to Nellis AFB for some fun in the sun Have fun and I’ll get some pics posted this evening