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Let’s Welcome New Frontier Armory to the Blog World!!!

I’ve written about visiting New Frontier Armory quite a few times.  They’re great people and they’re over on the sidebar in the “Businesses we support” section for good reason – they rock!  And now they’ve got a blog as well   Just go to their home page and look in the top right corner for […]


Scott Ott Interviews Billy Beck And Mike Vanderboegh

From Scott Ott: Live the Freedom – Former President Bill Clinton knows as well as anyone how easy it is to make someone sound scary. Just completely misquote them and paint them as something they’re not. But what do you do when that person stands up and calls your bluff? Scott Ott, Bill Whittle and […]


The Sniper Nails It – Idiot Quote Of The Day

One of the blogs that I’ve subscribed to in my feed reader for quite some time now is The Sniper.  The content is sometimes NSFW, often irreverent, and he doesn’t pull any punches.  I like it Sniper is a pretty darn nice guy.  I read one of his posts today and couldn’t find a good […]


28 April 2010 – Recommended Reading

I’d love to do a separate post on each one of these, but I just don’t quite have the time so this will have to do. Amnesty International Accuses Mexico of Abusing Migrants How Mexico Treats Illegal Aliens Obama Denies Individual Aid for Storm Relief Tea Party: Instantly Attacked by Old Media, Coffee Party: Immediate […]



I saw a trackback in the moderation queue and followed it to its source as I always do before approving something like that.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  It took me to Conservative American News where I found a report on a post on one of the biggest blogs out there – Atlas […]


Re-Linked at Pinch’s Place!

One of the first people to give me a link way back when was Pinch.  He’s a former Naval Flight Officer who used to run the radars and other systems in F-14 Tomcats while trusting the guy up front not to do anything that might endanger their continued condition of actually living.  A great writer […]


Recommended Reading and Viewing

I would love to be able to blog about all the cool stuff I find online, but I really don’t have the time.  It’s one of those things that seems to go by the wayside when you’re working two to four hours of overtime a night   Therefore, I’m just going to dump some links […]


Picture(s) A Day – 31 December 2009

It’s that time of the year again.  Time to look back at what was and to look forward at what can be.  2009 has been something of a transition in my life and I’m still undecided on whether this has been for the better or not overall. I’m on my own again, albeit with good […]


Something For Buck to Consider…

I found these wonderful videos from the British TV series “Top Gear” over at Theo Spark and for some reason I just thought of Buck   That would be Buck from Exile in Portales After all, he likes aviation stuff and RVs, right ? With all that open space in New Mexico, I think Buck […]


Recommended Reading – 21 December 2009

As I surf around the blogosphere (sadly the only surfing I’ll be doing anytime soon), I come across lots of stuff I’d love to blog about.  Trouble is, there’s these things called work, sleep, and a need to wind down after I’ve waded through the filth that is the news of our supposedly wonderful government […]