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Voyages on Two Wheels – 15 June 2013 – Outlaw Car Show in Helper, UT

So, it’s been a while since my last post.  Again.  Between work, my beloved 10 month old daughter, and all the rest of the stuff that takes up my time, blogging has had to fall back a bit. Yesterday saw Cindy, Ember, and myself out at the Outlaw Car Show in Helper, UT.  That’s just […]


And — I’m Back!!

Ever heard the phrase “publish or perish”?  The “blog administrator” has mentioned on more than one occasion that I better post something or I stand a chance of being fired, laid off, let go, pink-slipped!!!  Shocking!  I know, right? So, my friends, I’ll do what I do best, or at least most often — complain. […]


Voyages on Two Wheels – Helper, UT Car Show – 16 June 2012

Well, I had a few more minutes and figured I’d try to get just a bit more caught up The day after I rode nearly 200 miles through Utah, I got a chance to go to a really great car show up in Helper, UT   It’s just a few miles up the road from […]


Voyages on Two Wheels – 19 November 2011 – Exotics in Red Rock Canyon

You really never know what you’ll see out in Red Rock Canyon These Ferraris are part of a rental program where people can see what it’s like to drive one without having a mortgage payment for a California mansion.  It looks like fun, but I don’t think I’ll spend $300+ for a few hours in […]


Carver – A Dutch Car I’d Love To Drive

One of the parts of motorcycling I’ve fallen in love with is leaning through corners   One of my biggest gripes these days about cars is that they don’t lean in corners.  Oh sure, there’s the lower fuel economy, limited visibility, and over-insulation from the outside world but not leaning is right up there with […]


Morgan 3 Wheeler – A CAR I Would Actually Buy

I’ve noticed that I really don’t want a car now that I’ve got a bike.  Now, that might not seem to strange at first to those who haven’t known me that long, but others remember when I was a total car nut   There are still times when I miss my 1988 IROC, but none […]


Pictures From The Last Week – 4 November to 10 November 2010

I know I’ve been slacking off a bit when it comes to posting and I apologize to my readers and co-bloggers for that.  Work’s been especially un-fun lately and it’s affected my energy state when it comes to creativity.  I figure it’s time to make up for that As I’ve said before, I don’t see […]


Picture(s) A Day – 18 October 2010 – Pics From Around Las Vegas

I know I haven’t posted too much lately, so I figured I’d get some pictures yesterday while I was out and about yesterday I don’t see as many classic cars around Vegas as I did back in San Diego.  This one was pretty cool I don’t care if this Smart car has marker lights, I […]


Picture A Day – 29 September 2010

I saw this truck on the road during my lunch break and just had to share it with y’all   The guy driving it had quite a bit of white hair and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d bought it new or not long after it was new.  The signs say “Dump Harry Reid” and […]


My Next Car

From “If your idea of cruising through a crater-riddled war zone doesn’t include banging around the back of a Humvee and you’d rather not be caught dead or alive in a modified Rolls-Royce Phantom, Jaguar has your solution: the XJ Sentinel. Unveiled at this year’s 2010 Moscow International Motor Show, the car offers executive […]