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Run to Ridgecrest-DMV

I went to the Ridgecrest DMV today to get a temporary handicapped parking placard. It’s the red one. It seems the capsulitis and the plantar faciitis and even the neuropathy all can do that. The first two are the reason the podiatrist signed it off. She does not give permanent ones. I decided to give […]


Some pics from yesterday, 23 July

We had some good sized storms build to the north yesterday. This is one of those days that makes living in The Kern County Desert worth it.


Memories From the Closet

So, I’ve been packing for quite a while.  I know I’m glacial in my pace, but I’m getting it done One of the reasons I’ve been taking so long to get this done is that I’ve been going through stuff and deciding what to throw away, what to keep, what’s important within that stuff. I […]


5 October 2011 – Road Runners at the Little A’Le’Inn

Wow! It’s been how long since I posted something here ? Life’s been a bit busy and tiring as usual, but I wanted to finally get a couple of posts published for a change The Road Runners Internationale are a special group of people.  They’re the men who built the base at Groom Dry Lake, […]


A Much More Reasonable Christmas Wish

Yeah, I’ve asked for quite a bit this year.  Most people wouldn’t know where to find a flame thrower or an F-22 Raptor to put under the tree and the cost could be prohibitive to say the least.  This one’s much easier to find, more reasonably priced, and you won’t have to worry about reprisals […]


Picture(s) A Day – 18 October 2010 – Pics From Around Las Vegas

I know I haven’t posted too much lately, so I figured I’d get some pictures yesterday while I was out and about yesterday I don’t see as many classic cars around Vegas as I did back in San Diego.  This one was pretty cool I don’t care if this Smart car has marker lights, I […]


The Line at Falcon

Just a few of a regular day at my corner of the world here at Edwards AFB. The thermometers are a recent addition. And I know how much Jeff wanted to see the temp during a normal day out here in the Mojave/Antelope Valley.


Picture(s) A Day – 26 July 2010

I’m finally getting around to going through some of the boxes in my apartment and I’m finding some pretty cool stuff   Just the other day I found most of my patch collection and I was wondering what to do with ’em… And then I remembered all the space I have on the walls of […]


Picture(s) A Day – 26 June 2010

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I finally managed to get a few pictures for y’all Saving money has been my biggest concern lately – I’ve even refrained from shooting for the most part   Yeah, the Strip has been off limits for the most part   Still, trips to Infinite Arms […]


Area 51 Refugee – Close Encounters of the Blackbird Kind!

Did that title get your attention ? These pics are a couple of years old now, but I hope to add some more new ones in the next year or so.  All were taken at the March Field Air Museum in southern California on a couple of different visits.  There are no Blackbirds in or […]