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Memories From the Closet

So, I’ve been packing for quite a while.  I know I’m glacial in my pace, but I’m getting it done One of the reasons I’ve been taking so long to get this done is that I’ve been going through stuff and deciding what to throw away, what to keep, what’s important within that stuff. I […]


Car Rental – Just For Fun?

I can’t remember just where my train of thought derailed tonight, but it wandered off the track and into the territory of renting a car just for the pure fun of having control of that machine for a while Looking back, I think one of the very few things I miss from my time in […]


If I Only Had the $$$ – Cars

Yeah, I torture myself from time to time by looking at stuff I wish I could afford.  Sometimes it’s even realistically affordable I found myself perusing Auto Trader Classics and ran across these beauties: Yes, I want a VW Beetle convertible.  Why?  Because it’s a convertible and it’s less than $5000.  And it’s simple to […]