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10 November 2014 – Ember Pics

Ya know what?  It’s been a while since I posted any pics of Ember. Let’s change that I just LOVE that smile Ember was so well behaved for her first haircut I’ll have more of Ember before long – I promise


26 May 2013 – Ember & A Trip to Salt Lake City, UT

So, I actually had Sunday and Memorial Day off this past weekend   I usually only have a Sunday off when I work a Saturday, but the holiday gave me a little extra time to rest.  Cindy had a three day weekend, so we headed up to Salt Lake City on Sunday…  I don’t know […]


22 August 2012 – EMBER HAS ARRIVED!!!

As everyone here probably knows, I found out in January that Cindy and I were awaiting a bundle of joy sometime in August. My daughter, Ember Celee Wood, finally arrived at 0814 hours on 22 August 2012 We knew Ember would be a bit on the big side, so the doctor decided to do a […]